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    October 23, 2016

    I’m so honored to be able to feature this amazing lady and her business today! When I met Ashley, I instantly felt like I had made a best friend. Her sweet Southern disposition and acute sense of interior design shine so brightly. I was fortunate enough to get a tour of her home and walked away with so much inspiration! Check out her story below and if you’re in the Greenville area and need a little fall interior refresh, I promise you, you won’t regret asking her for help! Check out her Facebook page for more inspiration.

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    Tell me a little about your background and experience in Interior Design.

    I’ve always loved to arrange and re-arrange things. When I was little, I would beg my mom to re-arrange the rooms in our house, and when I got older and could do it myself I re-arranged my room…all the time! I have a degree in Interior Design, and right out of college I worked as an interior designer for a retail shop in downtown Greenville that sold high end furniture and home décor. I enjoyed designing rooms from scratch, but what I loved the most was arranging (and re-arranging) the displays in the store. After working at Venti for several years I switched to commercial design and did office furniture and cubicle layouts, but it wasn’t as fun for me as actually moving and arranging the pieces myself.

    For the past few years I’ve been a stay-at-home mom – living on a tight budget, collecting pieces here and there from second hand shops and thrift stores, and arranging and re-arranging my eclectic collection of things into new and pleasing settings. Arranging spaces is my favorite thing to do.

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    Describe your business and your goals for starting it up.

    I want to help people use the things they already have and love to create a space that is pleasing, comfortable, functional, and speaks to who they are. A lot of people live on a tight budget and can’t afford to buy new furniture, or just don’t know what to do with the furniture they have. I can come in and for much, much less than the price of a new rug, give them a fresh new look.

    Affordable design – that’s what I want to offer.

    How do you prepare when tackling a new client project?

    There’s not a lot that I do to prepare for a new client. I may ask what rooms we’ll be working in, or see if I need to bring any tools for hanging or moving things, but for the most part the designing and space planning doesn’t begin until I actually see the space.

    Do you have a vision for a room when you first walk in, or is a more organic process?

    Sometimes I walk into a room and instantly see things that could make the space work better, but most of the time it is definitely more of an organic process. Some rooms have an odd layout that doesn’t come with an obvious solution, and some rooms are so large and open that there are a lot of different solutions (these are the best  because there are so many new looks you can have!)

    I usually find one thing I’d like to try and just start there. It may work, it may not – I may move a sofa three different places before finding the right spot, but eventually it all comes together.





    Is there one thing you leave with your clients to help them think differently about other rooms in their house?

    I like to encourage people to collect pieces of furniture, art and décor that they truly like, regardless of the style. A space decorated in one specific style will be nice for awhile, but everyone gets bored and likes to switch things up. It’s so much easier to do that with a neutral background and a collection of pieces that you love. When you find a new piece you can shift things around to include it, and just like that you’ve got a new look!

    My house is in a constant state of change. Mostly because I love to re-arrange things, but also because when I find a treasure I can’t pass up…it comes home with me. Also, don’t be afraid to try things! If you’re bored with a space, just start moving things around – see what happens. You can always move it back.





    Do you have a favorite style of interior design?

    I love old things, new things, handmade things, quirky things….anything that speaks to me. But my favorite, go to style is mid-century modern.

    Do you have a decorating style tip for autumn?

    With the exception of Christmas, I’m actually not much of a seasonal decorator. I enjoy seasonal decorations, but I don’t usually completely redecorate a mantle or change up my dining room table centerpiece. I have a few fall decorations that I like, and every year when fall rolls around I get them out and incorporate them with my everyday things. I probably do something different every year!

    What’s your number one tip for people that are looking to change up their decor?

    Call me! Ha, no if you want to change things up just start moving things around. You’d be surprised at how different your things can look in a new setting. Or really…you could just call me. 😉

    Check out her Facebook page Remix Design to follow along! Or shoot her an email at to start a conversation!

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