Some Pretty Picks

    Some Pretty Picks [and a little life update]

    February 24, 2017
    greenville coffee shops

    It’s 10:15 on Thursday morning and I’m sitting in one of my favorite coffee shops in Greenville writing this post. The sun is streaming through the row of large paned windows and conversations about life and faith and Greenville and food are swirling all around me. People are planning and interviewing and dreaming and laughing and generally loving life as we all sit around large wooden tables, sipping iced coffees and chai lattes. Again, it’s 10:15 on a Thursday morning. How did I get here, you ask? How is it that I can sit and blog and plan and work from a coffee shop and have plans later in the day to share a presentation with local bloggers on SEO and also hang out with my little brother after he’s finished with daily classes.

    About 3 weeks ago I stepped out of the office of my first ‘out of college‘ job for the last time and drove away without looking back. Sometimes you just know when it’s time to move on and sometimes you have 3,000 hints and tips and obvious signs in every aspect of your life that scream at you to take the next step. Thankfully, I listened to the 3,000. I stepped away from my marketing job and launched out on my own with some amazing freelance clients of my own and the passion to continue growing my blog.

    It’s been about three weeks now since stepping away from the 8-5 life and I have never been more at peace. So many opportunities have already come across my lap that I never would have been able to accept if I were still working a traditional job and I’m so excited to see where these opportunities will lead me in the next year.

    And in the spirit of entrepreneurship and working from coffee shops, this week’s Some Pretty Picks is all about my favorite local coffee shops. So if you’re ever in #yeahTHATgreenville be sure to stop by one of my favorite haunts and grab a chai latte or two.

    ONE // The Village Grind

    TWO // Methodical Coffee

    THREE // Due South Coffee

    FOUR // Bex Coffee and Juice Bar

    FIVE // Coffee Underground 

    ~ Emily ~

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