Dress for Your Skin Tone: Don’t Regret Those Impulse Buys

    October 16, 2017
    dressing for your skin tone


    Top | Pants | Jacket (similar) | Boots (similar) 

    From solid hues of orange and red to dark florals and bold stripes, the color palette of this season’s clothing is exaggerated, colorful, and filled with options. With all the choices it’s easy to be sucked into purchasing sweaters and jackets, pants and skirts in hues you would have never dreamed of wearing previously. It’s a tricky line to toe – on one side the impulse buys based on trends and fads and on the other clothing that suits your coloring and your style.

    I have a summer closet filled with blues and whites, but I avoid fuschia like the plague. Fall and winter my wardrobe softens and deepens – I play up burnt oranges, hunter greens, and navy – but try to avoid bright reds and oranges. When you’re cultivating a truly classic and sensational wardrobe, it’s really a matter of finding what you love and sticking to it.

    For a lot of people, the cut and style of a garment is key to determining if they will wear it or not. For me, I tend to look first at the color than the fit. Find me a pair of hunter green velvet legging – I hate the feel of velvet FYI – and I will give them a second look. But that same pair in orange and I wouldn’t even consider them an option.

    So how do you find those colors that will work with you no matter the season? It’s about knowing your skin tone – are you warm or cool – and playing off the color wheel in order to successfully find those hues that complement your skin. I’ve found this article by Stich Fix truly helpful in determining where to start.

    I know my color palette and this season it’s all about the hunter green. And these Articles of Society jeans in hunter added a long desired piece to my closet. From the fit to the color, I couldn’t pass up a style so perfect. I’m looking forward to a fall/winter (and probably spring) filled with styling these pants.


    Follow my cue and toughen them up by adding a black leather jacket to the mix or soften the look with a statement blazer in this season’s hottest new plaid.

    So tell me, do you shop your color scheme? 

    Shop my Fall Color Scheme Below 


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