In the past few months, my life has taken on a whole new schedule, a whole new perspective, and a whole new direction. I’m working a completely new job, with a completely new working arrangement. I’m doing the things I love and I’m making an effort to spend more time building relationships and being around the people I love. It’s a unique perspective to take on life. It causes you to slow, to appreciate, and to have a different perspective on time.

More recently than my job change, I’ve been thinking a lot about time. The truth is we don’t know how long God has us on this earth for. That’s not to say we shouldn’t plan for the future, but time is relative and life is short. One small reason I left the 8-5 office world was because I saw myself slipping into the ever-present, pop culture norm of ‘living for the weekend’. It was the same clock-watching, day-despising mantra every single week. Monday was met with dread and despair, Tuesday was just a beige day, Wednesday “hump day” was hurried through, Thursday was “Friday Eve”, and Friday was basically the weekend, so yay! Then the weekend came, life continued and Sunday evening the dread and despair came back.

Folks, if you’re surviving 5 days just to live 2, do some soul searching and figure out if what you’re doing is truly important and then make a plan and take the steps to engage in a life well lived.

I think it’s time to start realizing that life is a series of Mondays and Wednesdays and beige Tuesdays. If you think right now you’ll be looking back on your life one day and find yourself wondering what happened to the Wednesdays then something needs to change.

How do you live each day to the fullest? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

~ Emily ~