ONE | Brandless

Ok, this brand/website/concept is so cool that I just had to share! Everything on the website is only $3 and you can use the code hello3 for $3 shipping on your first order. Lee and I did a little trial run to see about the quality of the prodcuts. We ordered a couple cold brew coffee bags (delicious!), this Vermont Maple BBQ Sauce , this dish soap, and a couple others things that have turned out amazing! Definitely go check this website out for some simple, organic prodcuts – all for only $3!

TWO | Moorea Seal

No affiliate link here, just geniue love for this designer and PNW boutique. I bought these super on-trend booties for the fall and couldn’t be happier for the style, quality, color, and price!

THREE | Smiths Minted Rose Lip Balm 

I’ve had this same lip balm for probably 6 years now and use it as part of my nighttime routine. It’s soft, moisturizing, and has a beautiful minty-rosy taste. 😉

FOUR |  Style Me Pretty Website Redesign 

Maybe it’s just that I’m behind the times, but I just popped on their website to check out an article and I was blown away with their new website design. A beautiful design for some beautiful content!

FIVE | Best Job Ever

Taking pictures of dogs all day long? Yes please! Such a precious video!

Happy Weekending!

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