I decided to switch up this weekly blog post a little bit in order to keep the content fresh and my readers (hopefully) engaged. This week I’m doing a ‘best of’ series. Essentially, random things that I’ve seen or have been using that I absolutely love. I hope you all enjoy!

ONE | Best Office
Let’s just all take a moment and appreciate offices with plant life.

TWO | Best Coffee Shop
I can never choose just one, but I’m pretty excited that Due South is opening another location just down the SRT from where I’ll be living come fall.

THREE | Best Toothbrush 
I take my dental health very seriously. I may be the only person who actually enjoys the dentist. These toothbrushes take the cake for the ones with the most results.

FOUR | Best Backpack 
I think I need this one in my life. Back issues are a very real thing when your mobile office is a one shoulder bag.

FIVE | Best Organization
This makes my OCD heart happy. Also, currently coveting this closet.

SIX | Best Creative Workshop 
One day I’d love to meet these sweet girls and attend this workshop. Here’s hoping they come back to the Southeast next year!

SEVEN | Best Way to Keep Organized 
Stock up for next year, I can’t get away from writing things down on paper.

EIGHT | Best Skin Oil 
I’ve been using this brand of Vitamin E skin oil for a while now and I can tell a clear difference in the look and feel of my skin. Think softer, prettier, fewer age, sun, or acne spots.

NINE | Best Summer Picnic Photo
Well, just look above.