ONE // To Go: Havana Travel Guide by Ohh Couture

Now that US tourism in Cuba is officially legal again, photographers, bloggers, adventure and nostalgia seekers are flocking to Cuba, and more specifically Havana, in droves to capture the unique culture, breathtaking scenery, and iconic architecture.

TWO // The Perfect LWD 

Just like every girl should have that all-occasion little black dress in their wardrobe, the little white dress (LWD) should be on a hanger right next door. I scored this little white dress in my local Anthro earlier this week and was shocked to find a dress in my size right off the bat. I purchased an XXS Petite and it fit like a glove! I do think this dress runs big so if you’re looking to purchase, be sure to size down.

THREE // An IG Milestone

This may not seem like a big milestone for most people, but I just passed 1.5K followers on my Instagram profile and after all of the work I’ve put into in the last few months, it’s been great to see it starting to pay off! What milestones (big or small) have you surpassed recently?

FOUR // Haircare Product Review 

Just wanted to give a shoutout to one of my blogger friends, Audrey over on She had one of the best reviews of a hair care line that I’ve ever read. Also, her knowledge about what actually is in your shampoo is so insightful! Go give her blog a read!

FIVE // Five Foods that Promote A Strong and Healthy Body 

You all know I’m all about eating right, using natural products, and altogether maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but I do get fed up with food fads that promote one ‘superfood’ for 6 months. Yes, kale is great for you, but you shouldn’t just be eating kale. It’s all about balance! This article from Brit + Co does a great job of spelling out 5 amazing foods to work into your diet this summer!

Happy Weekend!

~ Emily ~