ONE | No Makeup Tutorial
Every so often I’ll hop on Youtube and hang out on Ingrid Nilsen’s channel, watching for her down-to-earth #theeverygirl beauty and lifestyle tutorials and easy breezy attitude. Her most recent tutorial was one that really resonated with me – I love #nomakeup days and her routine seems to be spot-on.

TWO | Blister Sticks 
I’m not sure how I survived my whole life without knowing about these, but apparently, blister sticks are a thing. If they work as well as the advertising says they do, I’m loading up on these things because ’tis the season for breaking in new shoes and that always comes with some bloody heels.

THREE | Wedding Planning 
Maybe it’s because I keep getting asked wedding questions I don’t have answers to (and don’t need to know yet) but I keep having wedding day dreams that are less than happy. The biggest struggle is thinking I’m forgetting something – you know how dreams work – thankfully in real life, I don’t have to worry about missing any small detail thanks to this amazing wedding planning notebook. Seriously, if you’re planning a wedding by yourself you need this in your life.

FOUR | Engagement Photos 
In case you missed it, I shared some of our favorite engagement photos on the blog last week along with some tips to make your engagement shoot day stress-free.

FIVE | Cinco de Mayo
As one of the most colorful holidays around, it’s no surprise Pinterest is overflowing with Cinco de Mayo ideas. I came across this board and knew I had to share the cheerful party ideas and amazing food!