Now that the summer has officially ended and the start of fall is just around the corner, most people are starting to hang up their bathing suits, shorts, sandals, and sunscreen in favor for sweaters and sweatpants and pumpkin spice everything. But there are a few of us that are able to prolong summer a little longer by heading somewhere warm and tropical – say Mexico. In just a few short days I’m headed to sunny Cancun for a week long stay – provided no earthquakes or hurricanes disrupt that part of the world. And I wanted to share how I’m packing, what I’m bringing and why a ‘beginning of fall’ tropical excursion is ideal.


how to pack for your honeymoon


Of course, the basics like shorts, tank tops, and sandals are all included in the ‘must pack’ list, but this year I found some amazing end of summer deals on everything from maxi dresses to rompers that will be perfect from day to night and everything in between.

The beauty of shopping ‘off season’ – buying clothes for the season that’s already past – is they are phenomenally less expensive than if you were to buy them on-season. I’m lucky to have found some great pieces that I’m excited to wear both for this trip and to keep for next summer. My favorite finds included rompers and maxi dresses that I got for over 80% off.

I stocked up on the basics like jean shorts and white t-shirts and was able to add a few new swimming suits to the mix because again, they were super on sale! It’s always hard for me to buy off season items, but if you have an event like a big trip coming up, it’s so worth it!

Remember to bring a hat, lighter layers in case the evening breezes get chilly, and closed toe shoes for hiking or biking excursions.


Stocking up my beauty items was a little more expensive than clothing because there’s not an ‘off season’ for moisturizers, sunscreen, and mascara. For this trip, I’m making sure I have all the basics in stock to pack in this darling little pouch for easy access every day. Be sure to stay tuned for next week’s post for specific on what skincare and beauty items I’m taking to keep that sunkissed, skin glow in the midst of potentially harsh conditions.


packing tips for a tropical vacation

luggage (same brand// different color) 

If you don’t already, I strongly suggest getting a couple sturdy pieces of luggage. As a gift last Christmas my parents generously gave us nice luggage. It was the perfect gift for the upcoming season of travel because the last thing you want is to have your suitcase break open in the airport or find it damaged on your way home.

I love utilizing smaller pouches inside of a larger suitcase and not have to deal with a larger carry on sized suitcase – because getting them into the overhead bins is a major pain when you’re 5 feet tall! But if you’re not flying Southwest and trying to save money, the good news is you can pack so much more summer clothes in a smaller space because they don’t take up much room.

If you’re limited on space take only 2-3 pairs of shoes – it’s ok, no one will notice! Try rolling your clothes to prevent harsh wrinkles and save space, utilize smaller pouches to keep things organized and stackable, remember to pack TSA approved liquids in a clear pouch to take out so you don’t have to throw out your skincare items.


Well, we didn’t have much of a choice when we decided to have a mid-September wedding, but for those of you that are on the search for deals, we found that September was just right at the end of the season so prices on practically everything was significantly less expensive. Peak season in Mexico lasts from April to about August – typical vacation time. So if you go during the ‘off season’ you can find amazing deals on flights, resorts, excursions, and even clothing because you’re hitting everything when it’s on sale!

When is your favorite time to take a tropical vacation?

~ Emily ~