Holiday Shoes Under $100

December 6, 2017
holiday shoes

From sneakers to stilettos, there’s no better way to add a little sparkle to your holiday party outfits this year than with your darling shoes. After all, it has been said that if “you give a girl the right shoes she can conquer the world”.

Most fashion advice you’ll read centers around how to select and style the garments you’ll be wearing for your next soiree. The well-intentioned quips and quotes tell you how to pair fur and sequins, fishnets and shirtdresses – but the one item often overlooked when creating a showstopping ensemble is the shoes.

While personally, it’s my favorite fashion item to shop for it can often be a last minute cause of panic when an original outfit is unbuttoned by the pairing of

So, how to overcome this fashion faux pas? The answer is easy. Make sure you have one or two classic pairs of heels in your wardrobe that can accommodate any outfit and then shop for good sales on the IT shoes of the season. There’s no reason to add a pair of disco ball heels to your wardrobe if you’ve only meant

There’s no reason to add a pair of disco ball heels to your wardrobe if you’ve only meant them for one outfit. Choose the classics wisely – like a black pump or nude sandal – replace them when needed, and grab yourself a pair of vintage peep-toes at your local thrift shop (as I did with the gold heels) or a pair of Vince Camuto’s on crazy sale at the Nordstrom Rack up the road (also my move) to spice up your collection.

I’m just curious. How do you shop for those stunning shoes in your closet? Do you save for a pair of luxurious black pumps or buy the shiny that catches your eye? (Of course, there’s always room for the brave soul who does both.)

Shop Holiday Shoes Under $100


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    These are good shoe ideas. I love them all.

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