Best Gifts for Men

best gifts for men

 1 | FEATURED GIFT: Loop and Tie

You know when you’re searching for that perfect gift and just can’t decide what your significant other would love more? Well, there’s a solution for that now! Loop and Tie is a beautiful online store that allows you to choose a gift amount and lets your loved one pick out their own gift.

I went through the entire process online – ordering a gift for my husband – and the process was extremely simple and so rewarding. All you do is enter the person’s information that you’re “sending the gift”, select a gift amount ($25 – $200) and send it on its way. The lucky recipient will receive an email with instructions on how to pick out the gift – but don’t worry they can’t see the amount you’ve already paid. Shipping is free for the gift recipient and the gift selections are amazing.

My husband picked out the leather cord holders in the photos and was so happy with them when they came! Functional and beautiful. This is the perfect way to send a gift when you might not know exactly what they want. Check out Loop and Tie to see gift options and holiday deals.

2 | Target’s Gifts for Men

Target does it again with a budget-friendly selection of practical and whimsical gifts for men. Shop my favorite picks below.


3 | Classic Suede Moccasin Slippers 

A J.Crew classic, these beautiful slippers (under $100!) will keep feet toasty all winter long.

4 | Moleskin Shirt Jacket 

A Flint and Tinder classic, gift warmth this year and the promise of cabins and campfires all winter long.

5 | Earbuds by Apple 

I will be the first to admit I thought they look pretty impractical but now I don’t know what I’d do without them! Perfect for the busy man on the go.

6 | Crosley Turntable 

A gift that combines the best of the music and gadget worlds. Put your own spin (haha, get it?) on a tech gift this year for something the whole family can enjoy.

7 | Hydro Flask

Again, one of those less than thrilling gifts to purchase – like when your dad says he wants socks for Christmas – but believe me, it is a must have this year for any member of your family.


Thanks to Loop and Tie for collaborating on this post.