This past month I was participating in a blogger promo campaign for the clothing subscription service Le Tote. I was asked to order a box of clothing, try out the process for a month and then return the clothing after posting an IG photo about my opinion on the service – all-in-all a pretty typical blogger campaign.

I was eager to try out the service. After all, I have a track record of loving subscription box services. I was subscribed to Birchbox for like a year, Ipsy for a while, magazines, and even got my first free box of Hello Fresh one time. It’s a lot like Christmas once a month when your new box comes in the mail.

Le Tote was a surprisingly easy process to start. Sign up on the website, take a style quiz, wait for your list of curated items coming in your first box, and switch them out with other items if they didn’t get it quite right. Easy, convenient, and totally worth it? Well, yes and no.

I loved getting the clothes, styling the clothing, not having to do the laundry (yes, you send the items back dirty!) but I didn’t like that fact that I fell in love with a couple of the pieces of clothing and then had to send them back. Ok, so I could have kept them – and Le Tote does offer 50% off retail prices to keep the items – but Le Tote doesn’t know how thrifty I shop. It’s also scarily easy to forgot to return the clothing and then you’re charged for any of the items you keep.

A lot of people I talked to LOVE the clothing in a subscription box – and grant it if you had a special event coming up and didn’t want to buy an outfit it would be SUCH a time saver! – but for someone who likes to shop the sales, shop the boutiques, and buy unique pieces that retailers don’t always carry. It’s not the best investment.

So, what are your thoughts on a clothing subscription service? Share your thoughts in the comments, I’d love to hear!

~ Emily ~