Summer-into-fall is a magical time. The hot summer air is being ushered out by the cool of October and as temperatures dip, I’ve found it’s so important to update your beauty routine to accommodate for the warm afternoons and the chilly evenings. All through this summer I’ve been fighting dry skin – probably because I’m the worst at keeping hydrated (I’m working on it!) – so as the fall/winter creeps in I’ve been particularly interested in high moisturizing products that will bring my skin back to normal.

My secret weapon the past 6 weeks? Borghese Fango Deep Hydration skin oil. Not familiar with it? Neither was I, and now it’s an integral part of my regimen. It’s a luxurious Italian brand formulated by royalty and truly a multi-use product. Aside from the hydration factor, it also functions as a sunburn soother and a bug repellant. You can be sure I’m packing this product in my bag for Mexico!

A couple other products that I can’t live without during these transition months? Sunscreen! Yes, the sun is still powerful even if you’re starting to hibernate already. I combat those rays by keeping my sunscreen handy and still applying if I know I’m going to be out in the sun for some fun fall activities.

And right along with that is a special prodcut I wasn’t familiar with until my hair stylist explained what it was. Aveda Hair Sun Protectant is a brilliant little product that lasts for years and keeps your scalp, part, and hair protected from the sun’s rays. Bascially hair sunscreen and it’s ingenious.

Also lovely? Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizer, the Dr. Jart hydrating facial mask and the Burt’s Bees Hydration Cream.

~ Emily ~

PS: I’m on my way out the door (of the internet) for the next two weeks for a much needed break! (and my wedding and honeymoon). Can’t wait to catch back up when I return!